Universal Banker Webinar Series

Universal Banker Webinar Series
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Universal Banker Webinar Series: Components of a Successful Branch Transformation Strategy Join Extraco Consulting for our series of Webinars designed to educate participants in the basic components that led to the formation of the award winning Universal Banker Model, known as SWARM BankingTM. The series is broken into five (5) segments that can be purchased individually for specific component education needs or as the entire series for full model understanding. SWARM BankingTM is more than just a Universal Banker model, it is a holistic approach to the customer experience that ensures excellence beyond customer expectations. Learn about implementation hurdles and best practices from the individuals that served as the change agents during the transformation at Extraco Banks and with Extraco Consulting's clients across the United States. Finally, identify how the model can be customized for your organization and help you differentiate from the myriad of Universal Banker models in the industry. Webinar Descriptions: Segment 1: An Introduction to SWARM BankingTM & Branch Transformation Strategies Learn how our holistic approach that focuses on the customer experience has driven efficiency through our entire organization. Extraco's SWARM BankingTM is more than cross training, rotation and technology to create a successful universal banker in this new bank era. Extraco's SWARM BankingTM is a proven methodology with measurable results. Segment 2: People - Recruiting, Hiring and Training Change your recruiting, hiring, and training mindset! This webinar focuses on learning how to increase the quality of your hiring model through technology, using a certified panel and unorthodox questioning. Improve customer and employee confidence and retention. Create an enhanced and consistent customer and employee experience by developing a training program that reduces on-the-job training. Learn how to reduce turn-over with ongoing development and engagement strategies. Segment 3: Products - Simplification and Effective Marketing During this session, Extraco Consulting will offer insights on how to turn your products into sales engines for ancillary products and alternative business lines. You will learn how to ensure that product support is easy, enhance your customer experience, and how to integrate marketing and compliance to realize social media success. Segment 4: Processes - Mapping and Continuous Improvement Routines This program examines how to streamline processes in a manner to allow the most efficient, yet customer centric lobby experience. See how Extraco improved efficiency throughout the organization and built a stronger culture of teamwork. Segment 5: Technology - The Enabler and Physical Spaces In today's banking industry, brick and mortar banks are not always the most efficient. Learn how Extraco Banks enabled a successful Universal Banker model through strategic technology usage and less space. Ensure you are offering what your customers are asking for, while creating efficiency.

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