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eMail - Financial Planning

eMail - Financial Planning
Price: $300.00



eMail- Financial Planning - Content customized for the client. Size: Custom size in PSD for HTML Responsive Design Product Type: PSD for HTML Build Responsive Design

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  • Digital Mystery Shopping

    Digital Mystery Shopping $500.00

    Extraco Consulting can administer a monthly Mystery Shopping Survey (email address provided by the client) with an analysis of trends and observations for $500. An optional quarterly assessment and review of trends and observations is available for $500.

  • Visual Magnetic Photo Cling Board

    Visual Magnetic Photo Cling Board $350.00

    Visual Magnetic photo cling display for SWARM Banking (Universal Banker) enablement. The photo cling board allows you to add visual magnetic photo clings for your employees in each location (easily moveable) for easy customer identification. The boards are available either suspended or via wall mount. The boards are 28x x 32h acrylic display mounted with 1/2" standoff or hung from the ceiling. Holds up to 8 photo visual magnetic clings on the display. Installation and travel are not included. If you would like Extraco Consulting's team to install the boards at your location, please contact us for a price quote. Custom designed and printed visual magnetic photo clings (12x4) available for additional purchase. Contact us for details.

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